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Help please? Strange leaf issue, do I remove the problem fan leaf?


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I'm growing 4 WW plants using LED and 6.5 ph water. Nutes are OC+ and in 100% promix. Temps are 75-82.
My other plants are doing fine but starting a couple days ago there were a couple spots on one fan leaf. Best way to describe is that the top layer (skin of the leaf, whatever that is called) of the leaf is disappearing? It's spreading as these few spots are now growing on the leaf. ALL the other plants are fine in the same conditions and I did a thorough search for pests and don't see any.

Please help? What is it? I think I should cut out that fan leaf yes? I did top this plant and the "Y" shape started nicely, is this stress related? It happened at least a week after topping though so I assume not. It must be nute related (again my ph is okay for all other plants) but I'm using OC+? I did the dosage recommended on this extensive OC+ string on here and it's sprinkled on top of my medium. Most folks using OC+ agree nute burn is almost impossible? Thanks.
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