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We now have 2 new functions on the Herbies main site homepage (www.herbiesheadshop.com)

You can now see the latest stock, this lists all the seeds put back in stock by most recent first.

New Seeds, this is where all of the new strains are added, by most recently added first.

Hope this function will make it easier to find your favorites and to see what's new!


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I just received some seeds from Herbies and I was happy with the quality of the seeds. I ordered a fem mix 10 seeds for $47.00 total cost and they gave me 11 seeds. I germinated 6 seeds and they all growing. Also all the freebies germinated. I have germinated the remaining 5 seeds and they all have nice tap roots. And they arrived 10 days, I live Hawaii. I would definitely order from Herbies again.

doctor green

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So discreet that my package was opened and checked at customs and I still got my seeds, Herbie's are the best seedbank end of story I have recieved every single order I placed every time, remarkable, bravo herbies I love you guys
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