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Hey All Grows

Recently I have crossed a feminized Kalashnikova (AK 47 x White Widow) Greenhouse Seeds,with a male Sour Diesel.After crossing got some wonderful plants and buds.but my problem is when it comes to the male of the offsprings I get males than tend to show both sexes with seeds pods.One thing is for sure no females haven't ever hermi.Whats going on here


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Looks good. Congrats on your breeding experiment.
I'm subscribing because this looks interesting and I don't know anything about it.
I think I've read something about first crosses being "unstable" and you have to breed back multiple times to stabilize? Even if that's right (and I probably have it wrong), that would probably have more to do with variations in how the plants look (phenotype) then in their sexuality.

OK, having fulfilled the internet mandate to sow misinformation and offer opinions about which I know very little, I will now shut up and watch. :popcorn:
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