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Whats the outcome here? Help needed!


Last year i bought some feminized seeds from Greenhouse Seed Company(KALASHNIKOVA)
And i cross two of them with a Male Soul Diesel and now i have f2 & f3 seeds of that cross.
If i had to take another feminized (Kalashnikova) and breed it back to the F3 plant what generation would that be after????????
Not sure if your understanding what i'm asking

Example:parent 1 Male- Sour Diesel............... Parent 2 Female-Kalashnikova(White Widow X Ak-47)
Generations from that cross F1-dont have anymore of those-which i name the cross Sour Kova
F2 & F3 i have those. Now i still have the original Kalashnikova female seeds i want to breed with the F2 or F3 Sour Kova

Which i'm putting Kalashinkova back in to my cross again.UNDERSTAND NOW???????????
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