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Hello Everyone,

I medically retired from the military last year and quickly ditched the VA's kill pills to use cannabis. Let's just say it's a lifesaver... I've been using this site as a reference for the past month in an attempt to gather knowledge regarding my first venture at growing.

I have Blue Mystic and Blue Dream seeds on order :drool:. I plan to grow in soil with Veg under CFL or T5s in a closet and Flower in a tent under LED. The cost of electricity here is crazy, so LED is my best bet (I think) to save electricity and keep temperatures in the tent down as I can't afford to run A/C. I haven't purchased anything beyond seeds but I have earmarked a few things on online. I know I will have to acquire a venting fan/filter at least and luckily I have a brand new de-humidifier a friend gave me before I moved here.

I hope to continue to gather information regarding general cannabis information and I would love to hear any tips/tricks from other growers in HI! I must wait for the dispensaries to open or making local friends until I can claim status other than dry:33:.

Thanks for stopping bye!!!
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