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'High-Quality' Marijuana Operation Shut Down


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The Multnomah County Special Investigations Unit on Wednesday uncovered what officials called a "high-quality" marijuana growing operation in a home near the Columbia River Highway in Corbett. Officials believe the operation produced upward of $448,000 every three months.

Thirty-year-old Jeff Anderson of Portland was arrested at the home that belongs to his 26-year-old brother, Kevin Anderson, who was away in California at the time of the seizure. The bust turned up 93 mature marijuana plants ready for harvest and 116 starter plants.

"These plants had huge buds," said Lt. Jason Gates, spokesman for the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office. "These were thick, heavy, saturated buds. Four-hundred-and-forty-eight thousand dollars is a conservative estimate, but the actual number would probably be a bit higher."

According to Gates, the average marijuana plant produces buds weighing a pound, while Gates believed these plants to contain buds weighing at least a pound and a half.

With several thousand dollars in sophisticated lighting and ventilation equipment found on the property, Gates described the home as "perfectly ideal for growing marijuana."

"They had the right temperature, humidity, lights, fertilization, it was just a perfect environment. Our SIU team was amazed with the quality."

The growing operation took up a two-car garage with an additional room inside the house used to store starter plants. A third room in the house was used to store equipment and to dry the harvested marijuana.

"They needed a lot of drying room," said Gates. "They had a lot of product."

Jeff Anderson was processed and released since he had no previous record and is not considered a flight risk. He faces charges of manufacturing a controlled substance, delivery of a controlled substance, and possession of a controlled substance.

"What kills me is he only faces one Class A Felony because Oregon has such slack marijuana laws," said Gates.

Kevin Anderson is still in California.

"We just have to wait for him to show up. I don't even know if he knows we're onto him," added Gates.

Gates said the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office has been seizing, on average, one to two marijuana growing operations every week for the past nine months.

"Now that we're not having to spend so much time on DRUG labs, it's allowed our dope unit to spend more time on shutting down marijuana operations."


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Author: Daniel Savickas
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I'm sure "the SIV Team was amazed at the quality," then went for donuts. That Lt. Gates sounds like he's a toker and a grower. What in the hell is going on? Why the surge in police and DEA activity? Are they afraid that people are acting free? Are they afraid that they are losing their control over the people?

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It really isn't even a war. It is more like an attempt at social cleansing. It reminds me of when I was a child. I have two older brothers and they would beat the crap out of me all the time. They didn't want me around. The feds don't want us around, so they beat up on defenseless tokers.


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I'm a peace lovin' fella but after 30+ yrs. of this crap
(not to mention the 40 years of GOV BS
that has lead to 70 yrs of Prohibition)

It's a War to Me buba !!!
Then again maybe I'm justa' Rebel at heart
(hmm, could be BirthRight too, I Recon')

Maybe it's just A United States war, ay?
(another one? we gota' take up everybody elses slack)
We should be gettin' paid, never met a Merc that worked for free.

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I guess I see war as two sides fighting in the streets with guns. True, they have guns, but our methods don't take up arms or at least if it has, it's been by individuals - not a collective group. It's more like being robbed for everything you have, even your freedom.
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