Hope Unlimited - San Diego Medical Marijuana Patient Support Group

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Hope Unlimited, a group of San Diego medical marijuana patients is seeking
to inform our political representatives and the public about the key issues
related to medical marijuana legislation. This issue has been at the
forefront of California politics for over a decade and is now understood by
San Diegans to be an issue of importance to our social and economic
well-being, our health and our states' rights.

Regular Hope Unlimited meetings are now being held every other Thursday at the Old Mill Cafe.

all are welcome at the Hope Support Gathering

call 414 418 0140 or email
cannabiscaregiver@yahoo.com for more information
Each Hope Meeting is a chance to make friends and get support!
3949 Ohio St, San Diego, CA 92104


(Coffee and appetizers provided!)

Cannabis use is a health issue not a criminal matter. Over 40,000 patients
in San Diego have received doctor's recommendations to use and cultivate
cannabis. 300 to 500 new patients are created every month from the existing
doctor base in San Diego. These patients represent a wide spectrum of
people. Together, an informed public and political leadership can replace
the failed policy of cannabis prohibition with a policy that meets the needs
of all San Diego County residents.

The Hope Group performs Crucial and Necessary San Diego Community Outreach
Functions, such as passing out food to the homeless on Thanksgiving, or
donating medicine to qualified members. Please not that each meeting the
group passes a hat around and collects money to be IMMEDIATELY given back to
the poorest of the group.

We advocate politically, we are bringing people together. We are educating
people. We are bridging the gap between the Patients and the Politicians and
Law Enforcement. We are a liason between the street and policy. Activists,
Patients, Medical Professionals, and Public Policy people come together to
exchange ideas. We are providing Politicans to direct access to their
medical cannabis constituences. Our purpose is to lobby for ID cards issued
by the City to patients to protect us from arrest and unnecceary use of tax
dollars, and to replace the failed policy of cannabis prohibition with a
policy that meets the needs of all San Diego County residents.

Let us come together and find common ground. San Diego medical cannabis
patients continue to live in fear of arrest and incarceration for using
medical cannabis within the limits of the law. San Diego cannabis patients
refuse to live in fear. We refuse to stand by while others are hurting.

The Hope Group will celebrate our three year anniversary in May of 2009.
Three years of Hope members helping members heal from illness, ignorance,
suffering, and despair.

San Diego Hope support group meetings will continue to provide the kind of
sharing and caring that is crucial for a lifetime of wellness.

The Value of Hope Unlimited Support Group Meetings:

Giving you the opportunity to reach out to others and benefit from the
experience of those who have "been there."

Helping to Motivate you to follow your treatment plan.

Helping you understand that your illness does not define who you are.

Helping you rediscover strengths and humor you may have thought you had

Providing a forum for mutual acceptance, understanding and self-discovery.

Hope Group's focus topics for January 29th meeting

**The Hope Group cares and wants to learn about what you are doing that is
working! **

**What is Prop 215? What are my rights as a patient? What are my options for
obtaining medical cannabis? How can I get involved with the San Diego
Medical Cannabis Community?**

**If you need a caregiver or more information on how to obtain medical
cannabis there will be a chance to let speak up and let people know you need
help; although the hope group is not a dispensary we do practice free speech
and can refer you to a collective in San Diego or north into
Orange/Riverside/Los Angeles area**

**We will be discussing what a collective is and how patients can join
together to ensure they have access to high quality medicine that heals

**We will review any recent court cases, court decisions, precedents, and
medical cannabis news**

Hope Unlimited Meeting
Thursday, January 29th at 7pm

The Old Mille Cafe (formerly Lumberjack Grille)
3949 North Ohio Street (in the North Park Neighborhood of San Diego)
San Diego, CA 92104

Free food and support.

Share your experience and give your personal input, meet other patients,
growers, caregivers, friends and family of the San Diego medical cannabis

This is a relaxed, "chill" place, to make new friends, learn about San Diego
cannabis politics.

Learn how to get involved, MEETING A CAREGIVER or GROWER are some of many
possibilities at a hope meeting!

Gathering time 6:45-7pm

Welcome 7:05

Review what will happen at the meeting 7:10

Review discussion guidelines 7:15

Check-in 7:20

Discussion 7:40

Close the meeting 8:10
January is the Hope Unlimited Clothing Drive for the Downtown San Diego New Vistas Crisis Shelter.

At both our January 8th, and January 29th meetings clothing will be collected and given to the New Vistas Crisis Shelter. Homeless San Diegans come to New Vistas in hope of food and shelter, and a fresh start on life. The clothing you donate will be used right away by people who desperately need it. I know personally someone who has stayed at New Vistas. They are now healthy and happily living their life. This place is many times the last step before complete loss of hope. And Hope Unlimited will step up and rise to meet the challenge to give and help others heal.

This Clothing Drive is the core principle of Hope Unlimited in action. We must share in order to continue to grow and heal. We will deliver the clothing as a group to the San Diego New Vistas Crisis Shelter for the Homeless in early February.
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