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How do I identify and prevent Root Rot?


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I'm 4 days after, I found out which is the sick plant. It lost almost all of it's leaves under the canopy. The leaves did not fell off are very yellow, showing the signs of nitrogen def. What I did today is: made a 6.5 ph water (1,5 liter) and put into it 6 ml of 3% H2O2 and Plagron Alga Bloom. I've added it to the soil, than I've made another 1,5 liters of water, only with H2O2 and added this as well but I took it from the bottom, because the rotten roots should be there. 3 liters is so much for her so I put a fan next to the smart pot, to make it dry faster. It looks like this stuff helped a bit because some of the yellow leaves became green again. Rotten smell is still noticable.

What is strange for me, that I put some Alga Bloom in a plate with some water 4 days ago and today I've checked it and it is full of fungus, it's like hair so I think it is.

If the plant will survive for another 3 days I will try another "experiment". I've read that farmers treat root rot with boiled water. 0,5 liters of 90°C water to 1 kg soil. This treatment can kill 94% of the fungi and can sterilize the soil. The question is, that what the plant will think about it... :D Sad story, but as I can see I have nothing to loose :( She is in the end of the 5th week of flowering and finish flowering at the 12th week so... if it would be in the last week I would not bother her but this time, I can't even smoke it it think so I just try everything to save her life.

Anyway I've read that Mycostop could be the treatment but it is not available in my country and it would take weeks to get if from another country, so I could not try to use this method :(
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