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How Do I Press Lower Quality Resins?

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Here is a FAQ on an easy and quick method of pressing homemade hash.

Sometimes I like to keep my hash in powder form, especially if I don't have a lot. But there are those times when you have a decent amount and you want it to be in a nice compact block.

This method requires the following tools:
* Iron with steam function
* Wax paper
* Minimum of one gram of kief powder or crystal

My method for pressing was discovered in a bubble induced dream, and I quickly got to work testing out my method. It is by no means perfect, and I keep tweaking it to find just the right combination of heat/pressure to get my hash to the desired level of compactness.

I should also say that a few others have tried this method and were happy with the results. As well I have spoken with Bubbleman and he agrees that this is an effective method of decarboxilation.

To begin, I start off with the pile of kief, which I try to break up quite fine. This pic shows some chunks still in it, but the more consistent and fine the powder, the better the final product will be.

This powder is then evenly distributed and wrapped securely in numerous layers of wax paper (enough layers so that the inside layers of wax do not melt), but it is quite normal for the outer two layers to melt together.

I fold it up into a little package and then prepare my iron (set to steam mode). I then apply slight and even pressure to the package, two seconds on, two seconds off, for approximately 45 seconds. Both sides receive the same amount of pressing.

Since the iron is set to steam it nicely wets up the package as well, which helps to not burn the wax paper.

Following this step I place the package in the freezer overnight. In the morning I dash to the freezer to check on my new hash.

Don't forget the best part of making your own hash is sharing with friends and family!
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