How & Where To Buy Marijuana In Beijing

In any XinJiang restaurant can buy hash, they sell it not even hide it.
Would you be able to point me to a specific XinJiang restaurant that you had success buing hash? I just walked past a couple of places in Sanlitun, and from outside it didn't look like the type of environment. Didn't even see any Uygurs inside, just average Chinese guys and girls I wouldn't even ask.
I have been around the world many times...and never had a problem coping weed or for that matter.
Anything else I desired....the best contacts are restaurant waiters or cab drivers and bar tenders cabbies are the best imo they can take u there and set u up, all regular peps like us just trying to make a mark, a yen, a buck or a pound it makes the world go round and a good tip can’t hurt either.
Chow, for now
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