Where to buy in Hong Kong?


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Hiya mates.

I am currently in China ( Guangzhou ), will be in HK next week, and dieing for a joint :cool:... I usually smoke weed back home in Montreal, but I heard that hash is much better in HK.....

anyhow, question is, where is the safest place to get hash? .... same goes for Guangzhou, although I dont think I would be buying anything here, I just have a bad feeling about buying anything in China ( beside fake clothing and fake zippos of course ).

I appreciate your help guys, really wish to smoke 1 nice joint so I can better enjoy my 2 days trip to HK. :peacetwo:
Go to chunking mansions in mong kok (check google maps if you don't know were it is)

Hk hash is awesome but it's hard to find weed.
been back to Guangzhou from the states for about 3 years, lucky I found pretty good reliable sources getting some greens, although they're expensive
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