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I can't mention products I use in my grow journal?


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I'm about to start my first grow, and I wanted to do a grow journal... very excited to begin this new adventure!

I came across something in the forum guidelines...

"do not refer to or link to any non-sponsored LED company by name"

If I purchase and use a set of LEDS that are not in your approved list I am FORBIDDEN to share my experience?

If this is true, are there other products I'm not allowed to discuss? I'm not asking for justification, just a public clarification if my example above would indeed be censored.

Thank you!


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That is correct. A certain V-word has been removed from my posts a few times.
Try to both tread lightly, and not take it as personal offense. :hippy:


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If you are referring to mentioning the lights you are using in your first post of your journal, I don’t think you will have an issue mentioning what you’re running.... Ledgrowlightsdepot is a site sponsor... and they carry companies that aren’t site sponsors... so I wouldn’t worry too much about it unless you intend to list the name of your lights in every single post you make. Which I don’t think you will, it’d get old pretty fast lol
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