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I currently have 11 MMJ plants growing outdoors is this legal for my county?


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I live in San Mateo county and have 11 plants outdoor going.. its a pretty quite operation but i have a property inspector coming in to check on things because of late mortgage payments(i do my best to keep up)

anyone have knowledge on ordinance laws in CA? more importantly in San Mateo county...

can i get a caregivers card to legally cultivate more?

i know each county has different opinions... here is what i read from SM county ordinance from 2009

"marijuana cultivation and possessed at private residence must not be visible from adjacent public area or neighboring properties, and must be secured within structures consisting of at least 4 walls and a roof with standard locks"

kind of hinting that outdoor cultivation is not prohibited...

can anyone shed some light on my situation.. would be greatly appreciated

thank you


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Hey Bud,

I live in San Francisco, and S.F. county allows up to 24 plants. San Mateo abides by the CA State law guidelines: 6 adult plants OR 12 immature. Check out the CANORML website for more info.
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