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Ice Dried and Cured


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One of the strongest strains I have. Very unique flavor, taste and smell. Cerebral high with no ceiling, be careful, too much could get the novice smoker sick with nausea.:laugh2: :60:




Thanks for the Rep Guys, trying for 420 rep points.:adore: :adore:


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...I almost hate you with envy. Damn I wish I had some....why cant buds like this be near me??

I really gotta get a house...


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I'm with ZachCKY Urdedpal. I'm probably young enough hahaha.

Seriously though... Absolutly beautiful buds. Do you have a pretty big grow room? Cause it sounds like your the king of the grow around here.


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Hahahaha! Remember that dry ice cure we once spoke about? Well I saw the thread and thought that you had done the cure... I was excited to see your results.. What a let down, but atleast I got to see some really nice bud shots.


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i can see myself getting paralyzed from smoking something that DANK! That would be sooooo awsome!


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I want it so bad. I cant stop looking at it.


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Hey man - just finishing my 1st grow and already germinated some Ice seeds for my second one. I'm interested in topping at least half if not all the plants for this grow. Did you have any success with topping this particular strain?
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