If you could buy any Thing to smoke WIth


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So i was thinking.....

What would i want to but for a new smoker. Ive been thinking about getting a RooR or a vaporize. Not sure what would be a cleaner good high like the Volcano is the Thing i have been checking out, But at 400 bucks Is it worth it. Now The RooR I want is like $340USA ITs nasty has the Double bubbler and 3 chambers in it Plus the ice catcher..

SOOOO Give me your INPUT What u have or Would rather Buy...

Also if u have3 smoke out of a valcano Or any other vaps let me know

RooR Pics haha i want to see some sick RooRS

Thanks Homies
well id buy this bong by Lux Scientific that i saw ... my homie says at the new dementia store that just opened up in town has it fo r2500 bucks so if i had the dough thats what id buy
i would deffinantly get a sick RooR
Although I now have another trippy custom bubbler on order I'd actually like to buy a Volcano as my next big 'hobby' purchase. I had the Vapir One 3.0 & it bit. I own a VaporGenie vape/pipe & it is the bomb, huge pure vape hits, no warmup time, no intricate parts to clean & it was $50.00 delivered......

Whered you get that? I was planing on ordering 2 of those BC Vaporizer Deluxe's, they where like 77.00 a peice, but i read allover that there junk and tend to burn the weed .. I like the look of those new Vapir One 4.0's. I'd definetly buy a vape if i could ..
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