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Initiatives to Legalize Pot Filed With the State

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Ryan Demasky is from Chicago and can't believe how prevalent even medical marijuana is here in Colorado now.

"It's a lot more noticeable, we go into magazines and we see coupons and everything like that," he said.

Pot supporters have now filed eight initiatives with the state aimed at legalizing marijuana completely. All of the initiatives would ask voters in 2012 to legalize both the use and possession of marijuana, which some are for.

"I really do believe that it should be legalized at that point, I strongly agree with people's decisions on drinking and smoking. Why wouldn't we use that its more of a helpful product to the body and the mind?" Demasky said.

But some aren't sure.

"It's hard to see. I can see as a parent I'm not too thrilled with it, but I can see as adults they would want to use it, so I'm kind of right on the line. I'm not quite sure what would be the best way," said Stacey Knuckey.

The initiatives would allow those 21 and older to posses an ounce or less of marijuana, if approved by voters, the initiatives also would allow people to legally grow up to six marijuana plants. The initiatives all specify, however, that they would not permit the public consumption of marijuana.

All of the initiatives would allow the state to set up a regulatory structure for retail sales of pot, potentially turning current MMD's like Organic Alternatives in Fort Collins, into a marijuana store, where all you would have to do is show an I.D. and not a medical marijuana card.

"I think it would be great to take the medical aspect out of it. But that's not to say that the medical aspect is not completely legitimate and necessary for some people," said owner Steve Ackerman.

Some versions of the initiatives specify that a 15 percent state excise tax would be imposed on wholesale transactions of marijuana, something supporters estimate would generate up to $35 million a year. One initiative would even earmark the revenue for public school infrastructure.

"My guess is that they would reap some large rewards in revenue," Ackerman said.

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Obama's Justice Department would act the way it always has; it would say it wont interfere with State's rights to govern themselves. Then it would send in its attack dogs to lock up anyone and everyone involved. The only real solution to this is broken system is to elect a President with real power, not on the union payrolls, and not afraid to bring action against any official--elected or otherwise--who goes against the voted-on will of the people.


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Then it would send in its attack dogs to lock up anyone and everyone involved.

You're right! Also, I believe it's going to take a re-classification of MJ and a "real" federal medical marijuana program/policy before they will back down. IMO a federal medical MJ program will lay the foundation for states to legalize for recreational use.


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I know that its against a lot of my possts but tghe federaal government needs to reclassify cannabis to ensure that the needs of the sick are taken care of first before we have our fun. It would be wrong if the healthy in Colorado get their green worry free whipped the sick in other parts of the country have to resort to the black market. But if it passes I wont complain.


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I think the only thing holding back legalization is is a honest answer why it was made ilegal for the last 80yrs. Once you lie you have to tell another lie to support that lie. :peace:
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