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Is it harvest time?


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Hi guys,
ok, apperantly i slept during the watch...
i have 3 strains on day 43 of flowering. yesterday was the first time i watered without nutes...(during flowering they got small amouts of nutes anyway)
i have 3 strains - Northern lights, Afgan kush and Skunk#1 - and their progress is very different
from each other all though on the box - all 3 says flowering period 45-50 days.

This is my first grow and i dont know how long to wait for harvest...of course i would like
to harvest early and get a more sativa like high from my indicas, but if i`ll give them 15-20 more days,
will they fatten up?? is it to long for those strains?
generally - the northern lights looks very developed, the kush a little behind, and the skunk way behind...
Below thers pics, PLEASE PLEASE advise me on when to harvest each plant and whatever tips you have that is
Thanks guys!

Northern lighs:

Afgan kush:

skunk #1:


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Re: Is it harvest time??

NL and Skunk #1 look like a sativa dominant strain, expect longer flowering times is they are.
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