Is this going right

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this is my first dwc grow with auto flowering plants they seem to be growing insane I just wondering if it is meant to be like this or is there a defect causing the leaves to be huge they are two weeks old from seed and they look like cabbage plants nearly lol I will l put another pic up this arvo any knowledge greatly appreciated
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I have also been following the cyco chem feeding schedule, calls for 1000 ppm and a pH of 6 is it just me orr does 1000 ppm seem high for starting the four plants are starting left rear is gorilla glue right rear diesel front left chocodope front right seemango
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First two same oops sorry
Gorilla glue and see mango are the bigger bushy things and chocodope not far behind diesel is bright because that's where the light was held for photo haha she is as green as the others
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They are day 17 grow auto flowers from 80 - 95 days four different strains so there the averages this is the grow schedule I was talking about earlier