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Island Growers Happy With Medical-Marijuana Court Ruling

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VICTORIA - A Duncan company is gearing up to supply nearly 300 customers with medical marijuana in the wake of a federal court ruling striking down a restriction on sales of the drug. Island Harvest applauded the decision to declare unconstitutional a regulation that had prevented growers from selling pot to more than one patient.

Judge Barry Strayer said the Health Canada policy violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. "We were so happy," said Eric Nash, who owns Island Harvest with wife Wendy Little. "Of course, we're not holding our breath because we know the government will appeal.

"It allows us to supply more patients, to help more people, and basically, as a business, actually have a potential to make some income."

Health Canada has said it's reviewing the decision.

Source: The Province
Copyright: The Vancouver Province 2008
Contact: Times Colonist
Website: Island growers happy with medical-marijuana court ruling
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