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Jane Usher


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I was cruising Youtube and came upon this.

YouTube - Lessons From Legalizing Marijuana

Medical marijuana is window dressing for the whote demographic of males 18-30 and they are over suing and abusing it.

The other point brought up is the drug cartels will get involved.

This is bullshit and should not have been reported on considering it is non factually based and she sounds like a friggin dingbat.

Try some reality not opinions on the news. This is why i like to read and find out for myself what is going on.


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Oh My, see!!!..I am burnt right now and gonna babble ---But are you kidding:nicethread: me???. it is things like this that make me hot!lol.It really angers me that she is saying pretty much Cali made some mistakes on the regulation of who is growing, and distributing,when clearly the numbers have been shown that they make big bucks off the crop. Surely those little guys they are so worried about aren't hurting a damn thing while they grow there 6 plants in the back yard or a room of their choice, the dollars alone giving back to the community in supplies bought for the grows I would think is a fair trade of them not paying their taxes and growing illegally. Personally I think they should just simplify it, somehow!!If people want a big operation then abide by the law and be thankful you have that option..They need to lay off and focus on the real crimes.. She is giving doctors a bad name too.I think that weed prescribed to patients is so much better than every single pill under the sun. Sometimes when I see a pharmaceutical commercial on I cringe of all the side effects they mention.The addictions that occur from these pills...I mean REALLY???~!!!!!???? They know they are just losing out on money, because the great Mary Jane is a natural healer and I haven't heard of any side effects that are deadly, and I don't know anyone that smokes who would go rob a bank, steal ,or kill to have a bag.If priorities are in line and a person knows there limits and follows the law..Then why the hell not????There are way to many positive benefits that outweigh the negatives . Keep up the fight geomeister!![/B]


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I was tired as hell and my typelexia kicked in.

I do agree though that the crime rate in comparison to "pot" is nothing.

The smokers would rather pass a joint versus robbing you or starting crap.

The only real reason they have spent so much money on crime is due to the Fed making it an issue.

10 billion a year spent on crime to combat the plant.

I was rather impressed with a segment i saw..

Explained the cost in taxation that selling the plant on a medical level.

and the loss of DEA funds to combat it.

The numbers were like 50 billion in revenue and 10-15 million in DEA funds back in to let the smokers be.

go figure, it could literally solve the economic problem in the USA>

The only thing i think strongly about is the federal government needs to stay out of the sale for medical reasons.

They could easily take a simple thing and muff it up.


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Marijuana should never have been illegal and the only right thing for the government to do is to make it 100 percent legal. Why just for medical? Nobody has trouble getting prescriptions. I need it for medical purposes, as does my brother, but I'd use it even if I didn't need it.


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This reminds me of the 80's testing done on the Rhesus monkeys.

The guy stated it causes brain damage.

Needless to say the monkeys were strapped in with a gas mask and forced to do the equivelant of 5 minutes equal to 200 joints i think it was..

The point is the monkeys were brain damaged before this and not any better off for being tortured.

The double standard is a delight to hear, the double speak.....

Stop animal cruelty....and stop doing weed.,....DARE and the other big wigs who sit around and try to justify the whole thing....for their argument.

Yet will fuck a monkey up to prove a point that marijuana is bad....

I want to someday soon relocate to Cali where i grew up and start my own grow and take the path of a simple med farmer.....


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It reminds me of stupid shallow people.

Who first off lack the basic skills to look up something themselves, and would not do it too much work.

Lead around by the noses in crowds and fed their news through the tubes of television or the little overly priced I Pod and a souped up glorified opinion of things with no real evidence.

The sad thing is a lot of these same people spent thousands on college....


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Those poor monkeys. They were brain damaged, most likely, from a lack of oxygen.

I have to agree with Giomeister about the news thing...it's way too much opinion and way too little evidence.

My opinion is that a person should be able to use something as harmless as marijuana and that person should not be criminalized for doing so. It cures so many ills that it's actually a human necessity.

Mama Train

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I hope im not repeating myself too much....
The Fed has the patent on the process of extracting meds from MJ. Issued to the dept of HSS in 2003 under good ole GW.
What other reason than FDA control and big pharma gets the biz? Then they can monkey it up so who knows what it will do to ya.

The drug seizure $ are taken by the feds and up to 90% by some reports are returned to the muinicipalties. They don't want us to gro in our closets or a little guy providing 4 patients. They want control of all the $. Busting any gro now by fed law allows them 2 take ur assets if u r targeted.

Seems the Medical providers r most vulnerable by simple registry. Im not sure prop 19 solves this problem.

I know most people I speak with favor decriminalization so what is the hang up and why the absolutly silly arguments against our privacy in our own homes.

u can get on ur lips with alcohol in a bar...become a painkiller pill popper...smoke dangerous cancer causing death sticks...but u cant get baked u hippy!!!

For heavens sake...now we r corrupting the youth of America if we bake brownies. Can this get any more absurd?
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