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KS: Marijuana Petition Hits Roadblock

Ron Strider

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A petition to introduce an ordinance that would reduce penalties for having small amounts of pot in Wichita has hit a road block.

The Sedgwick County Elections Office declared the marijuana reform initiative petition as insufficient stating that 2,851 signatures were disqualified for various reasons and 1,363 of those were listed as" unregistered/no record".

The marijuana reform group that submitted the petition said they are concerned saying quote so many people who believe they are registered have been flagged as "inactive", suspended and eventually removed for not voting in "two federal elections."

The group plans to hold a meeting Wednesday at the Peace Center at 1407 N. Topeka. It starts at 5:30 p.m.

Kansas voters to check voter registrations at Can I Vote? | Find Out If You Are Registered to Vote and when in doubt, re-register using only the federal voter registration form.

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