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When the Compassionate Use Act first came under attack by law enforcement, a
group of us met and tried to determine the best course of action. We were
especially concerned that the narks were intentionally picking weak or
flawed medical marijuana cases to use against us in gutting 215.

We explored our options and soon learned that class action suits are
expensive and take a long, long, long time. After much research, we
determined that the best approach was a high level test case that was set up
from the beginning to be winnable.

About that time, we learned that we had been placed under surveillance and
suddenly found ourselves as the ideal test case. For six months, the best
minds of this movement helped us prepare. The hunted prepared to become the

Now we are poised for a great and historic trial to finally expose the
corrupt and illegal actions of law enforcement's war on sick people. I'd
like to explain why this case will be so important and why you should
personally participate.

First and foremost, this case is important because I have a life and death
medical necessity for cannabis. Not winning this case would be a death
sentence for me. I dearly love my life and precious family, but I am
obliged to place my life on the line, simply because I wouldn't be alive
today if it were not for this miraculous healing herb.

Secondly, our case is carefully documented and involves zero sales. Best of
all, we have the right witnesses and world class attorneys to prove our case
and win a decisive victory. We believe that is what the media and everyone
else is waiting for -- someone who can win a decisive victory, in a high
profile medical marijuana case.

Despite all these key factors, the most important aspect of our case may
well be that we are ready to go after Placer County with a civil suit,
conducted by a legal firm that has a winning record in these kind of cases.
Attorney Robert Raich handpicked the firm that will be representing us in
civil court. We believe that a large civil suit against Placer County will
send a powerful message to county governments across the state and across
the nation that they can no longer afford to ignore medical marijuana

There is more. After we were raided, some of the Placer deputies talked to
our magazine sponsors and frightened them out of supporting us. Since the
police had already seized all our magazine production equipment. that was
the final straw that forced us into bankruptcy. Once in Federal Bankruptcy
Court, we explained what had happened to us and asked the judge (actually he
is called a trustee) to help us, which he agreed to do. So, believe it or
not, the United States Federal Government is now our PARTNER in a civil suit
AGAINST Placer County.

Our trial is already having a tremendous impact. According to Jeff Jones, a
number of patients in rural counties, especially Placer, are reporting that
deputies are walking away from arresting patients. David Nick says that
prosecutors and sheriffs up and down the state have told him that everything
is on hold until the Kubby case is settled. Yes, there have been some
painful exceptions, such as in Long Beach, but David Nick, who represented
Zink in Long Beach, still insists that our case is having a powerful
deterrent effect.

Our trial resumes in just ten days. When it does, we will have a chance to
educate million of people about medical marijuana. Just on the first day of
trial we received coverage from CBS, NBC, and FOX, as well as some great
stories in the print media. The media are fascinated by our story as well
as by the patients and activists who come and support us.

I urge YOU to attend. Only by YOUR direct participation, can we get the
full benefit from this historic trial. Dennis Peron, Jeff Jones, and
Richard Cowan will be there, will you? Libertarian candidate for U.S.
Senate, Gail Lightfoot will continue to attend our trial to show her
support. Even L J Carden, despite her severe pain and crippled body, will
continue driving all the way from the Bay area to attend trial each day.

Will you be there as well?

This trial is absolutely the best shot we will have for some time to come.
Please join us and make our coming victory a victory for our entire

Let freedom grow,