Kushington Farms And Buddah Tahoe LED Grown in A Hybrid Soil System

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This thread is dedicated to Buddah tahoe. It will include pictures of all the plants I run that are from this strain. It will include several generations of the strain. The following plant(s) is and will be clones from an original plant. I have a veg room that is 10x10 set up in my basement. My temperature stays at about 73 degrees with 40% humidity. I run 5 Vegetator vegetation lights from Hydro LED Light | Lush Lighting | 888-960-4LED. I run 18 hours on and 6 hours off for a light cycle. I believe all living things need to sleep and rest at night, and I am a firm believer that a 24 hour light cycle is the leading cause of plants turning hermaphrodite. It is also why plants stretch, have thin stem and branch growth, and suffer from other common stress related issues. I run a perpetual garden and run my plants thru a 60 day veg cycle. I water about twice a week in the veg room sometimes more sometimes less depending on stage of plant. I use Technaflora base nutrients, thrive-alive, and magical; along with a silica additive in RO water. The EC concentration is .5 EC using a multiplier of .87 is about 435ppm. The Medium I use is a 60% COCO 20% Silica Perlite and 20% organic ocean floor mix with a teaspoon of mycorrhizae. They veg in 5 gallon smart pots until about two weeks before flower. At two weeks before flower I place another 5 gallon smart pot full of medium underneath the original pot to give it fresh media to grow into during flower. At that point, I no longer water my plant for a period of 4 days to force the roots into the fresh medium.
The Pre-Flower stage lasts for a week and has its own little set up just outside the Vegetation room. I basically put them in a flowering light cycle and feed the plants on the veg. nutes for that first week of flower.
The Flowering Stage room is in a garage that is split into two rooms. Each room is 12x18 with about a 6x8 hallway/storage room in-between the two rooms. I have my own room and a testing room currently used by Lush Lighting. The garage has a small low BTU window AC in the storage area, and each room has its own small low BTU AC unit for a total of three. I live in Michigan and the rooms are outside, so temperature and humidity control is a bitch to maintain in both summer and winter. I won't let it get any colder than 60 and no warmer than 82. However, those are the red zone areas. My true target temperature is 68-77 degrees with 40% humidity. Flowering nutrients are also mixed in RO water. I use Technaflora boost and bloom base nutrients, thrive-alive B1, magi-cal, some monster bloom and a silica additive. It is run at a higher EC concentration that holds at about .7 EC using the .87 multiplier is about 600ppm. The room is 12x18 and has 11 Lush Lighting Dominators of various types (Dominators, Dominator 2x, Dominator 2x XL) and 4 Luminators. I run a 12 hours on and 12 hours off lighting cycle. Everything I have grown in the last 18 months is 100% Lush LED grown, and I have been the product tester for Lush Lighting since late 2009.
After I have harvested my plants, meaning after I trimmed most of the leaves off and I chopped them down. I leave them whole and hang them for about 5 days. After five days I trim them up and leave them in a drying rack for about 2-3 more days. After that I place it in jars and air them out once a day for the next two-three weeks depending on need.
Due to my own time limitations I normally don't post veg pics as they are of little interest to most people. I could be wrong but most people tend to like to see the goods. To tell me you got there just show me the baby kind of thinking. I have a plant restriction of 72 plants but I am currently one patient short so I only run 60 plants at the moment. I find that caring for and take pictures of each plant every week is entirely too much of an undertaking. I have enough issues keeping up with the flowering pics at times. I have various threads of each strain I put out into flower in my own room that can be found on 420magazine. Due to the sensitive nature of the test products I run in my room. I will rarely show anything except time lapse videos on youtube in that room. This plant was put out into flower on 01/16/14
Buddah Tahoe Day 10 pictures taken on 01/27/14
with that many plants I understand not being able to take pictures off all I can imagine how time consuming to take them upload and post them

with that many plants I understand not being able to take pictures off all I can imagine how time consuming to take them upload and post them

Thanks and :welcome: and yes it gets to be a grind sometimes. I run about 15 journals right now I think? I do try and keep up with all of them. I decided to do it more of a couple everyday than trying to sitdown over one day and update all of them at once that just sucked. hours of uploads as you pointed out and then hours of posts and replies. I either A. never got out of the office that day. or B. was so overwhelmed my the idea I never kept up. usually the latter, but I think I have a good system going an it only takes about an hour each day :)
I run about 2-3 each day take pics once a week. I don't have a lot of following and comments to reply too so its not that bad. but I try and show each strain I run and give the breeders some love. They like seeing it posted on FB and other places. I have a decent following on FB and other places so it speads the love. some ppl like to see what a plant can do before they run it
Hey just noticed your on here! I'm finally able to order my dominators by Valentine's day. I can't wait. Oh my face book name is cencal-led. Fyi Lol. Love your work and all yourefforts bro.
Hey just noticed your on here! I'm finally able to order my dominators by Valentine's day. I can't wait. Oh my face book name is cencal-led. Fyi Lol. Love your work and all yourefforts bro.

hey whats up brother glad to see you found me. and sweet on the ligths. dude you know what they can do you will replace all your lights soon :)
Greetings grower journal viewers and good highs to all of you. this weeks update was taken as soon as lights came on so she looks kind of sad still cause she hasn't woken up just yet. next week ill make sure she had her coffee first.
Buddah Tahoe Day 17
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