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Lab-Grown Functional Human Liver Cells


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The liver is the human body's largest internal organs. It is an incredible organ, as it can regenerate (with people able to lose as much as 75 percent and yet still grow it back), and it is also a major part of the completion of metabolism. The liver is constituted by 85% of human liver cells( or human hepatocytes) — which are often used by the pharmaceutical industry to study liver toxicity, drug clearance and interactions between drugs. They are still used for clinical cell therapy to correct genetic defects, reversal of cirrhosis, or support wearing liver aid equipment.

Although the liver in the human body has incredible regeneration abilities, this capability to proliferate is rapidly lost when liver cells are removed from the body. Researchers have been trying to try to expand and grow the human liver cells in the laboratory, but so far only generated some immortalized cancer cells with not much metabolic function. The lack of human liver cells supply and these inabilities of cells proliferation without losing functions has become a major bottleneck for scientific, clinical and pharmaceutical development.

Now, it seems that a team of researchers from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, partnered with leading German scientists have been able to solve this problem. They developed a new method in the laboratory to rapidly expand the number of functional hepatocytes without losing their unique metabolic function. This new study was published in Nature Bioengineering.


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Thank you Steve, for bring this important advancement to our attention. I have a healthy liver, but have a great interest in research that may benefit the compromised liver of a dear friend. More hope for the future. Combine these types of advances with the use of Concentrated Cannabis Oil and we may have a way to accelerate the healing and more quickly get back to homeostasis. This research likely won't help him personally, so his hopes are tied to the healing properties of the oil, but it's exciting nonetheless.
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