LeafLady's Guide to Cloning


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Working at one of California's busiest Medical Cannabis dispensaries means a lot of clone cutting and rooting! Here is what an average day on the clone table looks like.



I will show you preparation techniques first.
Things you will need:

  • Sharp, clean and grease-free razor blade
    1 inch rockwool cubes
    Propagation tray w/humidity dome and 2nd net tray
    PPM / pH reader
    pH UP and pH DOWN
    R.O. water
    Clonex rooting hormone
    Roots Excelurator


  1. Measure 1 gal. of R.O. water
    (optional) 3 ml. Roots Excelurator
    1/4 Scoop Great White
    pH the mixed solution to exactly 5.5. This step is very crucial!
    (PPM's should be no more than 100.)

I like to separate the 1 inch rockwool pieces to ensure no root-bonding. (Optional)
After everything is mixed up and pH'd, soak the cubes well.

What we use for the cuttings:

There is the first major step. I'll post more if anyone is interested!



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Well I am definitely interested. I still don't have a ph meter but I have tried cloning before. I am 2-1, has them in flowering now.


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Thank you! =)

just curious, when you did yout journal for the dispensary grow.

you mentioned using house and gardens aqua flake A and B, how and when would you add those to the mix?

I've already ordered these ingredients once i saw that journal, now im just looking for the tutorial lol.

how long did it take for you to experience roots like this?:
Check out these roots! The secret is: House and Garden's A&B + Roots Exelurator + Great White=


could you pleasebreak it down into more detail if at all possible? or perhaps a run through of how they got from the cutting tray you just explained to this over grown with rooots?

thank you!!


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any updates miss lay leaf? im sure youre busy but your talents are being requested ;)
please help us grow roots like picture i posted. and if nothing else needs to be added to your write up please let us know that too.

i just want my clowns to have roots like yours did on the dispensary grow. idc how long it took, 7 days, 14 days lol. i just want results.

thank you! =)


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hey whats good? hope all is well with lady leaf Inc. =)
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