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Liquid Nitrogen


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Anyone ever hear about drying Cannabis like that, dipping in liquid nitrogen?

"The Sativex manufacturing process begins as leaves and buds, which contain most of the cannabinoids, are stripped and hung to dry. They are heated, coated in liquid nitrogen for improved yields, and heated further until drying is complete. The dry material is reduced to a coarse powder, then blended with liquid carbon dioxide for a syrupy cannabinoid extract – "like treacle," Rogerson says – which is then diluted and mixed with a carrier.


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It sounds like it would actually reduce the quality of the weed. Ever gotten a wart removed by a dermatologist? They freeze it with liquid nitrogen. It causes the water in the cells around the wart to freeze and expand, and that causes the cells to burst, freeing the wart from the connective tissue.

So, if there is moisture in the bud and you expose it liquid nitrogen, you are going to damage the plant.


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I believe it extracts the crystals, as in keef and oils for a more potent dose, im not an expert in dippibg but i lnow what I tried and the get high feeling was good and intense, probably grwat 5hing for edible makers to try
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