Lookah Python Hand Held Vape Review


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Hello all! Happy Saturday! I would like to thank our great @420 magazine sponsor @Lookah for sending out the Lookah Python to do this review! Let’s get started!

The Python comes in a smaller size box. Inside you’ll find the Python with a 710 Threaded Quartz coil already inside and one spare coil on the side. It uses a USB-C to charge and no charging cord was included. Not a big deal for me as I had a few laying around.


The first thing you will notice after taking it out of the box, is the nice weight of the device itself. It feels durable and well made. I love how the mouthpiece will turn 360 degrees and almost be completely flat when stored in your pocket or elsewhere.

The lid itself to access the loading chamber flips up like a Zippo lighter. I really, really love this. It makes loading this beauty an absolute breeze! Just flip it up and load it! No messing around with a screw top. You’ll also find a little dab tool tucked by the coil inside. The top of the inside has a nice silicone lining that makes cleaning very easy. The flip lid to me, is the devices best feature and a hats off to the design team! Well done!

The built in 650mAh battery lasts a good amount of time. I had no issues with this as I usually charge all my stuff nightly. Unfortunately the battery is built in and if it dies, I think you’ll need to replace the whole unit.

I really appreciate the Variable Voltage as this allows the user to really dial it in for certain strains unleashing their full flavor profiles. You just rapidly push the button 3 times to change between 3 preset settings.

The 710 Quartz Coil really makes the flavors pop. It was easy to keep clean and I had no issues with clogging after several Grams :). The clouds were big and full of flavor.

The display is nice and bright, very easy to read. Push the button rapidly five times to turn on and initiate a 10 second pre heat. Push 3 times rapidly to change between 3 pre-set wattage settings. It’ll turn off after a period of no activity or by pushing again 5 times rapidly to power off.

I like that the air intake hole is way on the bottom by the charging port. When taking hits it did feel like there wasn’t much resistance. You definitely have to take nice, slow and long hits. If you pull too hard it doesn’t seem to hit right. But once you get the hang of it you’ll be blowing out massive clouds.

It didn’t get hot at all in the hand during heavy sessions. Some vapes I’ve had start to cook your hand after just a few hits. This is just a well built device.

Overall I really like the design of the Lookah Python. For the price it’s a very good concentrate vaporizer. I used wax, shatter, and live resin in it, the Python did great with all three. It looks elegant and feels very durable and well built. The design is very user friendly and it’s really easy to use. I had a blast using it!


Thanks again to our great 420 sponsor @Lookah for the fun. You have made a very excellent vape!

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