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  2. Mr. Krip

    CCELL Dart & Uno Pod Vaporizers: 420 Magazine Review By Mr. Krip

    CCELL is a company best known for revolutionizing the vape industry with their patented porous ceramic heating elements that are uniquely designed for high viscosity oils. Well, CCELL is about to revolutionize the industry again with their Dart & Uno pod vaporizers, and I was lucky enough to be...
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    4000mg 99% Pure CBD Vape E-liquid. https://www.cbddy.com $15 and up
  4. Pinch

    We have to stop smoking pot!

    "A collaborative study conducted by California NORML and MAPS found that vaporizers could convert 46% of available THC into vapor, whereas the average marijuana joint converted less than 25% of THC." -TruthOnPot.com I've been using pot and its derivatives for more than 50 years now. Used...
  5. T

    THC vape oil

    hi i use cannabis for pain relief i have had heart bypass and have many ailments for which cannabis helps but smoking it is killing me.vaping seems the way forward can anyone tell me an idiot proof way of making thc vape oil we have cbd oil in the uk but it doesnt seem to work so please can...
  6. T

    THC vape oil

    hi im from the uk and use cannabis for relief from pain i had a heart bypass and they dammaged nerves in my leg i am trying to get hold of thc vape oil. our government has legalised cbd oil but it doesnt really help. does anyone know if anyone will ship to uk thanks for your consideration
  7. Ron Strider

    Are Weed Vape Pens Safe

    In early 2014, I got my first weed-oil vape pen. It was elegant and silver, with a rechargeable battery that screwed into a transparent cartridge filled with amber-colored marijuana concentrate. I had never liked the feeling of vaporizing actual pot — it wasn't strong enough, and usually just...
  8. W

    High capacity vaporizer

    I've been vaping for about 3 years now with the Arizer Air.I've noticed that I have to vape at least 3 bowls just to get the start of a buzz and by that time the battery needs to be recharged,a full charge takes about 2 hours I'd say.Is there a vaporizer that holds more,something equivalent to a...
  9. I

    Need a low temp vape

    Hi guys,im looking for a low temp vape ,1 that has a low temp setting of about 130c,i want it to vape for medical and not get high,the volcano will run at 130c but its out of my price range ,thanks
  10. cannabisvapes

    Hello from Los Angeles & the vape world

    Hi all, I recently discovered this forum when looking up vape reviews. I discovered cannabis vaping back in 2015. I've been a long time fan of burning reefer but I was completely blown away when I was given my first vape pen and discovered the wonderful world of vaping. Fast forward two...
  11. Ron Strider

    Meet Organa, The Company That Wants To Dominate The U.S. Cannabis Market

    Organa Brands can't be faulted for ambition: its goal is to be America's biggest and best cannabis company. The maker of vaping products and edibles posted top line sales of approximately $100 million in 2016 and says it sells a product every nine seconds. Its busy lab creates over 1 million...
  12. Ron Strider

    Everything You Need To Know About Vaping Marijuana

    Vaporizers have become the ubiquitous gadget for the modern-day cannabis enthusiast. What is vaporization? Simply, it is a method of activating raw plant matter without combustion. In other words, get high without fire. You inhale vapor, not smoke. For most cannabis enthusiasts – especially...
  13. D

    Drug dog detection

    Can drug dogs detect pot in edibles or in oil you use in vape pipe?
  14. E

    E-Juice with MBM2: What did I do wrong?

    Hello fellow 420 med patients So I've been trying to make a legit E Juice from awhile now and have not succeeded once in the last 4 times trying to make it. So I figured maybe If I get the Magic Butter Machine 2, it will help with the consistency and other variables. After this last...
  15. Doc Bud

    The Kind Pen's TruVaMini+ Dry Herb Vape Pen - A Review By Doc Bud

    This review progressed in an unusual manner. My first vape of the day was to review this dry herb pen and I'll admit I was just slightly off in my mood and confess to being disappointed I had to review "one of those lame dry herb vapes." Yes, I've used these sorts of mini and slightly larger dry...
  16. VaporStore

    PAX 3 Vaporizer Available At VaporStore While Supplies Last

    The PAX 3 is now available again while supplies last. Last time they went fast. PAX 3 Vaporizer
  17. H

    Want Not - Waste Not

    My Scots friend Hagis McBagpipes and I were were harvesting the scissor hash that had accumulated during a bud trimming session. As the Scots say: "many a mickle make a muckle" so it's only frugal to care for our medicine as well as the mickles. This concern for wasting-not carries on in...
  18. K

    Welcome To Our New Sponsor The Kind Pen

    Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor The Kind Pen to our mission of spreading Cannabis awareness to the world. 420 Magazine began life 23 years ago in an endeavor to end prohibition by creating a forum where appreciation and awareness of the Cannabis plant could flourish. We are not...
  19. T

    Vape bag Q's - DIY Q's

    New to vaping, just built a heat gun vaporizer that pushes the hot air thru a vape chamber and thru a 1/2" pipe into a plastic cooking bag. Seems to work well so far. Need to get a better bag attachment / valve system like the volcano easy valve or similar to provide an easy quick...
  20. Patch91

    Vape or bong hits?

    Which do you think gets you higher? I like the initial punch of the bong but supposedly you're getting more thc if you vape. But iv'e always felt higher taking bong hits. What do you guys think?
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