1. quiyettoker

    Best Vape Pen under $100?

    I've been looking into purchasing a vape pen under $100 but there are so many out there to choose from. Names like Pax 2, Grasshopper, Arizer Air, Wispr 2, Vapir 2.0, Vape xhale cloud Evo, SSV, iVapor, I have come across. I'm looking for one that has herb,wax for now, oil maybe later. So what do...
  2. C

    Davinci Ascent after 2 years

    Hi, I thought I'd share my experience with the Davinci Ascent vaporizer. This is not a review of which Vape is best, just a description of what I've learned about the Davinci since I bought it. I had no idea of the quality or usefulness of the Davinci when I bought it--just walked into a...
  3. Curly Beaver

    Can you help a blind guy choose a vape?

    If you are knowledgeable about vapes please visit this thread and give Gramps a hand choosing a vape. He is blind so it needs to be pretty simple to operate. Visit his thread here: New to all this Thank you. :thanks:
  4. ForbiddenAct

    Started using Vape cartridges this year

    :Love:This year (May) I bought my first vape pen at a Colorado dispensary. It advertised up to 400 hits. I believe the Brand was Tumbleweed and the vape they used was disposable. I'd guess I got about 100 hits from it, before it stopped working. Fast forward 3 weeks ago, and I bought a vape at...
  5. T


    Hello, Would like to ask if you can turn co2 dabber oil into vape oil by soaking and warming it in vegetable G. Thanks Just trying to make my vape oil stronger
  6. T

    Hey what's up guys/girls

    Hey what's up everyone this is my first post on here but I have been looking around on how to grow and what needs to be done. I don't have my my medical card yet but I will get one next month for my ADHD/ADD and depression. Hopefully my job and growing will keep my mind off of everything that's...
  7. BassPlayer

    Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer - 420 Product Review

    I think I have now found a new favourite way to "smoke". The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer., it is my first vaporizer from, one of our trusted sponsors. :) I have read and heard much about vaporizers lately, but until now I was having a hard time convincing myself to give up the...
  8. Panic

    Best tasting strains to Vape?

    So recently picked up a Vape and I was BLOWN away by the taste of Trainwreck.....I have since vaped Sour D, Purple Urckle, small amount of hashberry (i think thats what she said) and some mids. All tasted good and all did the job but the Trainwreck was OUTSTANDING!!! The fresh pine taste was...
  9. Racefan

    Vapor Store And The Vapor Tower

    Hey people. You all know that I'm a small med grower who has been growing herb for over 20 years and smoking it for over 30. I'm a cheap bastard who always looks for the best deal but have been known to put customer service over price. Well I'm happy to say I found both! The vaportower made and...
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