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major light leak! help!


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I have a question hope fully someone can answer. I messed up my timer and my plant were getting 24 hours of light after being in 12/12 for 60 days and they were like this for 2 weeks! they started new veg growth right of the small buds it had started growing before this happened. will it be worth it to finish these girls or just let them go and start new ones? the are only bagseed plants but that's what I grow mostly. seeds I find in buds I like! I would like to keep them growing but if its not worth it I don't want to waste the room in my tent! please help! any input will help!


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The plants are essentially re-vegging I think. After 2 weeks of vegging light cycle I don't think you can just flip them back to 12/12 and finish them. What I think would happen is the entire flower time is restarted. The buds you have will die off and new ones will form and grow, and that probably would mean your plants are gonna get huge.

If u don't have any others going try it. Also they were allowed to flower for 60 days, how do the buds look? More importantly, how do the trichs look? Maybe just harvest the stuff and take what you got.
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