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Marijuana Allegedly Discovered In Scott's Car During Traffic Stop

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Minnesota Vikings defensive end Darrion Scott has been cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Scott also was cited for failure to signal after he was pulled over Wednesday afternoon by officers with Charleston's Metro Drug Unit, said Lt. Chuck Carpenter, the drug unit's head.

Carpenter said the officers began following Scott's car after seeing him stop and talk to another man at a public housing complex, where they were staking out suspected drug activity.

Scott left the complex and the officers followed his vehicle. He was pulled over after he allegedly failed to signal while changing lanes, Carpenter said.

He said the officers noticed the odor of marijuana and asked for permission to search Scott's vehicle. Scott refused and a drug dog was brought in. The dog indicated an illegal substance allegedly was in the vehicle and the officers then searched it. They found a small bowl containing 7.1 grams of marijuana, Carpenter said.

Scott was cited and released at the scene.

"He asked the officers, 'Don't you know who I am?'" Carpenter said. "They cut him a break by not placing him in handcuffs."

It was not known early Thursday whether Scott has a lawyer. His agent, Charleston lawyer Tim DiPiero, did not return a telephone message. A Vikings spokesman did not return a telephone message left after business hours.

Scott, a Charleston native, was a standout player at Capital High School. He played in four games this season for the Vikings before going on injured reserve with a foot injury.

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more duh and duhduh...good thing he can play ball cause he does not sound too bright otherwise...good old CharlestonWV hard at work , a whole quarter Z off the streets...."don't you know who I am?"...wow..yah..you is that busted dude, ain't ya.?....and lucky...lucky...lucky....indeed..
must be da ganja talkin'....:rasta::adore::adore::adore:
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