Marijuana iPhone App Introduced To Organize Advocates

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WASHINGTON -- A new iPhone app will help medical marijuana advocates get involved in the fight against the federal crackdown on marijuana, and can even tell them where to locate businesses that support legalization of the drug.

The app, launched on Wednesday by the largest medical marijuana advocacy group in the country, Americans for Safe Access, will serve as an information hub for long-time patients as well as political newcomers. The app provides an array of updates on the rapidly evolving political battles playing out on the local and federal levels and keeps users keyed in to community actions.

"Because of the nature of our advocacy, there's breaking news all the time and we really needed to find a more direct way to get in touch with our members," said ASA Executive Director Steph Sherer. "We also see this as a way of bringing in new members and helping people navigate the complicated world of medical marijuana advocacy."

It really matters to medical marijuana advocates which businesses are supporting the movement, Sherer adds. The ASA has vetted shops listed in the app to ensure that they are contributing to the movement in ways consistent with the organization's values. "They want to know how they can make their dollar count."

Designed for ASA by medical marijuana website iWeeds, the Americans for Safe Access app will help activists get all their news -- newsletters, video advocacy trainings and legal manuals -- in one place.

By empowering individuals at the grassroot level, Sherer and her team hope to summon the strength of their 50,000-member network to push back against the federal intervention in state medical marijuana laws, which has already forced hundreds of shops in California to close. "We're pretty excited," said Sherer.

The app will also be available on Android and other devices by April.


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