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Medical Cannabis Strains - Geoffrey Guy, MD (GW Pharmaceuticals, U.K)

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Founder and President of G.W. Pharmaceuticals in England, Dr. Geoffrey Guy's observations about the mammalian Cannabinoid system (with more ... all » receptors throughout the body than any other system) are presented to the Second Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics, held in Portland, OR in May, 2002. First discussing CB1 and CB@ receptors; the modulatory effect on dopamine, GABA and glutamate; and cross-talk with other receptors, Dr. Guy then examines Phyto-Cannabinoids (plant based)THC, CBD and others, with GW's success in producing whole extracts from 3 tonnes/year of dried marijuana and years of genetic breeding to feature both high THC and high CBD strains. Extracts from these strains are then blended for effacacy and synergystic modoration of side-effects. Dr. Guy then reports on Phase 2 trials, with good results including an "excellent safety profile" and emerging Cannabinoid-Ratio-Specific therapeutic themes. Conference hosted by Patients Out of Time. DVDs are available. Update: Visit GW Pharmaceutical's website: GW Pharmaceutical for latest news on Phase 3 trials of Sativex(TM), with exciting results in Multiple Sclerosis patients. «

Medical Cannabis Strains - Geoffrey Guy, MD (GW Pharmaceuticals, U.K) (Complete)
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