Multiple Sclerosis by Tim Timmons

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Multiple Sclerosis by Tim Timmons​

At some point, we need to stop and ask our government, as well as all its bureaucratic agencies, if they haven't missed the forest for the trees.

After 18 years with M.S., and the last five with muscle spasms so severe they knock me out of bed - all night long - a friend told me to try the killer weed - that it would help. I'd already taken the maximum amount of tizanidine, Valium and Neurontin that can be taken without totally poisoning my liver.

So I did it - as much as I hated the thought of inhaling smoke - I did it. WOW !!! I slept straight through the night. My wife was amazed. No spasms whatsoever. She was actually able to sleep in bed with me too - all throughout the night !!!

To make things even better, I woke up free of the neuropathic pain that so often keeps me from even getting out of bed - and none of the side effects like severe hepatotoxicity and hallucinations that I experience with the higher doses of tizanidine.

Having grown up in the Bible belt, what can I say but "Thank you Lord!!!" And shame, shame, shame on our government and the FDA. This should've been approved for people like me and my cohorts decades ago. If they send the DEA out to pick me up in my wheelchair and have me hauled to prison, I am honored. They better be careful though - I have no bladder or bowel control so they could be in for a surprise.

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