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Need help 1 day into Veg


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I have 2 questions first one of my clones i planted yesterday started to wilt a few hours ago Is this normal? If not what should i do.

2nd. the other clone I moved into veg has growth coming out the bottom should i cover it up as the pot does not have alot of hydroton

devils letuce

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first off welcome to :420:
not real familiar with clones but im sure someone with allot of knowledge will stop by and lend u a hand ..:goodluck: on your first grow.. go to the cloning thread of this forum and it will answer allot of questions also.

indica vet

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what sort of light are you vegging under?
how hot is it compared to where you previously kept the clones?
is the air flow good ?
is the ph of your watering system correct?
the lower growth is fine unless you dont want it but i generally leave it.
check some things in your grow room and youll prob find your answer mate but if you need anymore help ,ask away buddy:)
welcome to :420: you will find all the help you need here ;)


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using T-8 Fluorescent lighting (6500k) . The temps range from 76-81 degrees air flow is very good humidity ranges from 78% at night 55% when lights are on. PH is 6.0 noting much has changed the clone with lower growth is doing fine. I really have no idea why she is dying


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Don't stress to much you have some nice roots on the plant, the nutrient solution was probably much more mild in the cloner. When you transplanted it, there was probably a swing in ph that caused a little stress. You have a lot of time to recover and it will most likely grow out of it. If it's not keeled over I would wait a week and watch to make sure it doesn't progress. Keep us posted.
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