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need help making premium qwiso

Can anyone help explain the process of making quality qwiso? I have made some a week ago but its not as good as what I see in pictures. I used 2 ounces of fresh half cured critical mass. This is what I got how come its not clear yellow? I did a 30 sec wash with everclear
I got 3.7grams


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Qwiso will rarely be clear. Because the solvent used (in this case Everclear) strips some of the chlorophyl as it dissolves the resin. For especially clear concentrates, a non-polar solvent will always produce a clearer product.


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Freeze both the everclear and the product for at least 24h. This is ro keep as much chlorophyl in the material as possible. Shake for 30 seconds max, or until it starts looking the lightest green .. then strain the product out, then filter. Should be a little cleaner, altho this looks nice as well.

The material used also influences the color of the end product.


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Seriously I have gotten 143 views and nobody knows how to make good qwiso

There are tons of youtube vids on making qwiso, and my method is straightforward and simple. The quality is totally dependent upon the quality of starting material. For me, I use all my vaped weed typically, but decent bud will take less and, obviously, make a stronger end product given all other parameters are the same.

I recommend using a large glass jar (large mason jar works well). Grind your material well. My ABV is already ground, so I usually just drop that into the jar. I save my bud stems and such also and put them into the wash too. Then, cover the herb with enough 91%+ isopropyl to cover it completely. I put the lid on and gently slosh it around for 10 minutes or so. Then I take off the lid and rubberband a coffee filter over it and strain it into a pyrex dish. I then put that dish on the stove (I have a porcelain top stove with no exposed element/flame) and place it on the warming element (I don't know how hot it can get, but its "keep warm" setting works well for this purpose). I have no idea what the temp is, but it's not very warm at all, and I do NOT walk away from it while it's on the stove. I have a dish that covers the element almost completely and warms the entire dish. as it evaporates I gather the oil with a blade and work it over the heat until a gooey, shiny oil is left. While it's warm I put it in a small vial and let it cool. A small bent paperclip works well to snake out some from the vial. The longer you let the iso stay on the herb, the darker it will become as it strips any remaining chlorophyll.

I hope this helps
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