Need help with growing indoors.


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Where is the best place to grow mary jane, in the attic, regular room, or basement? Untill I get another spot to grow some major weed I was thinking about experimenting in my attic apartment before I waste money on a secret grow house. Now, I was thinking about using either a 400 watt metal halide or a 600 watt just to get some experience before I go all the way. What can I use to get rid of the smell because I dont want my neihbors on the 2nd or 1st floor getting a wiff of the smell. But if I choose to do my experiment will a 400 watt or 600 watt light raise any electrical bill eyebrows? Because im a little shook because I have to sleep with this going on in the other room of my place. I just need some advice and support.:thanks:
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Hey Friend, Think small for your first. so 400 watts switchable ballast so you can veg and flower with the same unit.
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Attic, room or basement I say room better control with temps. Is that a problem? If you live with someone or have friends over? Then one of the other locations. But attic may leak smell to other floors and base may need heat, but I don't know what part of the world you are in to know for sure. Plus the smaller the garden the less odor control you will need. 4 maybe 6 plants good start. Some stuff to ponder, any more question? :roorrip: :peace:
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Thanks for the advice, I really needed some type of direction. I feel you on the idea of growing in the room, I dont live with anybody and I dont even have nobody over my attic apartment because its hard to trust anybody now a days. The reason why I brought up all of the other locations was because soon I plan to get a seperate place to grow. But for now I stay on the east coast in new england in conneticut. I live in a two bedroom attic apartment and its really spacious, so I will use one of the rooms to experiment. I heard that they have vaporizers, but do those things really work? and if I go with that 400 watt swicthed ballest will my electrical bill look shady or just normal? its already cold where im at as far as weather goes but do u think I need a air condintioner for that little bit of light or should I just stick to using a fan? :thanks:
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