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Need Opinions on Harvest


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Hey !!

My babies are covered in Trichs that are milky white. I took a sample last night and am drying it out now. But I have a small problem. I ahve only been in flower for 38 days and I am considering a harvest in 7 days Dependant on the Trich colors. I'm looking for a 50 / 50 color ratio of milky / amber.

Has anyone ever heard of plants being ready for harvest after 43 days at 12/12? These were FLOWERING clones. I took them 10 days into flower, rooted them and then reflowered. I'm thinking that this may have sped up the flowering period (by accident) so that they ripen sooner. Am I right? Another observation was when I put them into flower..........they started to develop new buds within 3 days. And, since they were flowering clones, they already had small flowers before I even started 12/12.

Put it this way..............It appears as thought these girls will be ready at the end of the 6th week. Possible? Does a flowering clone ripen faster than a vegatative clone?



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I do know what your refering too I think pirate, have 2 flowering clones that are very covered in Trichs, about clear to milky now at approx 6 weeks, but, I'm letting them go at the very least 8 or 9 weeks. . .buds can only get fatter with more trichs. . . I have little experience with flowering clones aswell, just started using them after reading a thread by racefan awhile back. . .

I was kinda thinking that flowering clones may be more mature than the plants I am use to finishing. . I mean I would start flowering between 5 and 6 weeks from seed. . . nodes still being opposit each other. . . so take a clone at 3weeks in flowering and re-veg it for another 5 - 6 weeks. . . I think maybe thats the difference. . .

IDK, anyone else want to chime in on this one?

Bagz :peace:


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Flowering clones will finish faster than a regular clone that would of been vegged. Reason being they already have a little age on their side, and the other being I dont know :3:. My flowering clones ALWAYS finish first in the flower room, not like its a bad thing.


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Much appreciated guys. I thought about everything you all are saying. I just wanted some kind of second opinion.

AS far as wondering if they'd be ready sooner than later............my concern was cutting them down to early and ruining my 6 month effort.:3:

Anyway, I'm gonna plan for a harvest on the 14th. If trichs are turning amber its a go. If not..........I'll just watch and wait. I have a freind coming BY PLANE to help me out and the tickest are not refundable so hopefully we can harvest then. If not..........at least my friend is a girl and we can....................... "find other things to do".:3:

Getting very close. I'll be updating my journal asap with lots of photos. Check it out.

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