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New DWC grow wondering if better to use seed or clones?


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i am doing my first EVER grow, and i have chosen to go with the Deep Water Culture setup

i am doing this in a room that is 6ft wide 6ft long 8ft high

i was thinking of doing 6 plants

i already have the 6 buckets

6 6" net cups

a bag of hydroton

6 air pumps

all the air line

6 air stones

1 light with an hps bulb and an mh bulb

i have all the wall reflective material

i have the General Hydroponics full set of nutrients and ph adjusters

a combo meter

and to my knowledge i think that i just about everything i need outside of the plants themselves.

im basically wondering if i am thinking that 6 plants would be good in the space i have to work with?? or if i should go up or down in numbers?? remember this is my FIRST time growing. and also should i just find a few good clones at a dispensary or should i go with seeds??

im looking to grow some beautiful plants with good smell taste density and yield, in a timely manner obviously.
any and all help would be greatly appreciated. im starting to set up he room today.

thank you


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Seeds or clones are both good choices. Clones tend to be a faster way to grow, as they are already sexually mature. Seeds must achieve this state with time. NO plant will flower till it is sexually mature.

The amount of light and vertical space will dictate quantity as well as the style of grow you choose. As always the overall outcome of any grow rests on the shoulders of the grower and their skill. My advice is to start small and work your way up. Minimizes risk and loss as you learn.

Start a grow journal and you will receive plenty of help and opinion.



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In my DWC setup I noticed that its when the roots have outgrown the starter plugs and hang down into the oxygenated nutrient solution, the plants grow very fast. Before the roots are visible outside the starter plug the clone gets real weak while the roots are forming and then it springs back to life.
When I started with seeds the germination process was a little slower and I had to fight with algae a lot.
Now I use a tray and humidity dome with the lights off until it sprouts and then 24 on 0 off light schedule cover the grow plug so that only the seedling receives light and check daily for roots to grow through the grow plug. When a good amount of roots are visible through the grow plug I transfer them to my DWC setup.
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