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New Medical Pot Law Proposed for Sacramento Co.

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY, CA - The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors will weigh in on a new proposed ordinance Tuesday that could affect the way nearly 50 county medical marijuana dispensaries currently do business.

Right now, there are no formal rules regulating how the pot clubs operate. The county wants to adopt a temporary urgency ordinance to make sure the dispensaries operate properly.

"Currently, these dispensaries are operating illegally and we want to provide a method for them to operate under controlled circumstances, and in a way that balances the needs of the communities with the business interests and their customers," said Interim County Executive Steve Szalay. "We are suggesting an urgency ordinance because of the proliferation of businesses and complaints from communities."

"It is essentially a ban on dispensaries in the county. It really pushes them to the outer limits. I think the county is treating this like they treat the adult industry. It's not. It's a legal activity in California. They need safe access," said Mike Carlson of Arcade Wellness.

Among some of the proposed provisions concerning many county dispensaries: The ordinance prohibits all outdoor growing, it requires pot clubs to be at least 1000 feet away from parks, schools, and churches, and it would prohibit dispensaries from selling edible products with marijuana.
"There's no edibles in that ordinance," said Carlson. "Probably 70 percent prefer to eat edibles over smoking it."

"When this ordinance passes, which it likely will tomorrow, than the majority if not all of the dispensaries will then be illegal," said Thomas Davenport, an attorney representing several Sacramento County dispensaries.

"Sacramento County got this wrong," said Max Del Real. He works with California Alliance of County Collectives. "It was a head in the sands approach. Unfortunately, they did not reach out to the industry itself to talk about some of the nuances that guide our industry in regards to best practices and self-regulations."

Sacramento County Board of Supervisors will review the so-called "temporary urgency ordinance" Tuesday and listen to public comment. It's scheduled to be heard at 10:30 a.m. If the board votes to pass the ordinance, it will take effect immediately.

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