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Newbie - my plants (PICS) ...any advice?


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hey guys, me and my roomates are experimenting with growing for the first time. just wanted to post some pics and get any advice you guys might have.


5 plants (6 inches high) - strain name "Humboldt" (bought in canada)
150 watt equiv. CFL (4 of them)
grow box made from insulation






So there it is....we had 24/0 lighting until today, and I just switched it to 18/6...is it too early for a veg state? We're not really going for quantity...we just want to yield some quality nug.

Any thoughts/comments/advice? Much appreciated!!!

also, we have natural mineral spring water here...lots of nutrients...is it safe to use for watering the plants?


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Everything looks great. If thats aluminum foil on your walls I would look into investing in some mylar. Much more reflective and foil will crinkle, focusing light, and cause hotspots sometimes. You should start a grow journal for continuous assistance with any problem you have or will have.
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