Obesity and Multiple Sclerosis with Tic Douloureux by Alison Myrden

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Obesity and Multiple Sclerosis with Tic Douloureux by Alison Myrden​

Hi Everyone. My name is Alison Myrden and I do a lot of media all over Canada for the medical use of cannabis. I have used marijuana as medicine through my doctors for the last eight years to combat: 1.) Chronic progressive multiple sclerosis, ( marijuana got me out of a wheelchair and stopped me from shaking violently over eight years ago); 2.) Obesity (I have lost 215 lbs so far and slowing now to around 150 lbs.); and 3.) constant severe pain in my face associated with MS called tic Douloureux.. Because of cannabis, I stopped taking 32 pills and 600 mg of Morphine per day, as I had been doing for over ten years. Really.

We have a Website linking amazing information from Dr. Grinspoon's incredible knowledge of this wonderful plant to our own doctors, at the The National Institute of Medicine, and Health Canada-- to name but two. Come on by and check us out. Go to our "Exemptee Pages" and see just what our stories are. We are only a few of the legal marijuana users in the country. ..

Keep up the fight, people. It will all soon be freely available - JUST WAIT !

Until then, take good care of yourselves.

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Alison, I have a close friend with MS and it's very debilitating for her. This post is 2 1/2 yrs. old. If there is any new information that you could provide, I would be very grateful. This is my first reply to an article so I don't know how it works. Thank you in advance for any links or direction that you may be able to provide. Michael
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