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Ode To My Grinder


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******************Ode To My Grinder*********************

This Tool, This Wonder, This Amazing Thing You Are..
My Grinder My Grinder..
Grinding The Bud From My Jar.
You Grind Not Too Chunky Nor Too Fine
But Treat My Bud Like It's 100 Year Wine
Your The One That Grinds It In Deeper
Making Sure That I Have Kief Down In The Keeper

Many Are The Strains That Have Been Ground Though You
Grinding That Perfect Hit That I Will Soon Do

I Have Finished With You Now
But I Will Be Back Indeed
The Very Next Time I Grind My Weed

One Stoned Puppy !!!!!!!! :bong:


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Nice one! I've had two grinders going, one for the tasty herb, and one for roaches (when i use too smoke them). It worked great, couple basts to shake the papers off, take papers out and blast away.;)
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