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Good Morning All,

A friend and I were recently discussing canna security, outdoor and indoor.

We talked about security cameras, lights, dogs, fences and booby traps. I don't recommend the latter for safety and liability reasons.

I mentioned that I was considering keeping a stash of flower and whatever in our safety deposit box. This way our medical cannabis would still be safe in case of robbery. I haven't figured out a schedule yet, but I imagine I need to keep a 6 month supply and rotate it accordingly. This would let us stay medicated while starting the replacement grow.

In the past I have successfully stored cannabis for 2 years, vacuum sealed in the freezer. I am sure I have read that people have stored cannabis for years in canning jars in dark cool places. I would think that a safety deposit box would be dark enough, but is it cool enough?

The other consideration is whether you can store cannabis seeds in the safety deposit box too?

I'd love to hear how other people have prepared for the prospect of robbery and their thoughts on safety deposit boxes.

F.P. :peace:
Meaning, if yer assuming you will get robbed, like yer friend
Well, ya may wanna change yer friends

Random robberies do happen, but drug related usually isn't random
I get it. You are right, most canna thefts are either an inside job or a neighbour.

We have a reasonably low profile and my biggest concern is a neighbour. That is why I have worked to keep them out of sight.

Peace. :peace:
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