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Old fart first time grower - Outdoor grow - Yay Prop 64!


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Hi, y'all, I'm in information-gathering mode. I'm in the Bay Area, home of a LOT of growers, some of you are here and anyone who will allow me to pick your brains is a kind and wonderful person.

I've got a fair amount of info from out of here, already. I've learned about the milk and water method of powdery mold control, soils to use (my sister, the master gardener, might build me some soil), smart pots (definitely a must for me), and how to measure soil and water PH.

I've decided on Ken's GDP clones from Dark Heart Nursery. The clones at the dispensary were allegedly from DHN, but they were ugly, lots of leaf yellowing and leaf droop. Clearly mistreated girls. If they don't have anything better than that when the time comes, I'll get them from Elemental or Harborside. Not taking any chances on girls I have to save from dying.

I'm sure I'll have a million questions (which I know I must not post in this sub-forum) and I hope to interact with folks in my area, because the Bay Area has a different climate than any place in the US. Hope you experienced Bay Area folks (especially if you grow outdoors) are up for another neophyte with a zillion stupid, redundant questions. :sorry:

Feel free to PM me, if you want. It's ok to call me ignorant, too, because I am. But I learn by rolling up my sleeves and doing it, making mistakes and learning from said mistakes. Auto-didactic AND kinesthetic. My poor girls will probably be doomed.


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Welcome to :420:

I really cant help you as I am new, on the other coast and grow inside.I just wanted to say :ciao: and :goodluck:


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Welcome to :420: as well...if you have ?'s relevant to your impending grow, this is a place to do it...when Yer' ready to pull the trigger and start, would be a good idea to start a journal...they tend to see a bit more traffic(there's a link in my sig as to how to make one)...seems Yer preparing and gaining some basic knowledge...wouldn't be surprised if there were more than a few growers from your area...You have chosen the best site on the net for knowledge and assistance!!...Good Luck!...cheerz...h00k...:Hookah:
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