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  1. AllSmiles

    AllSmiles VI - 2018 A New Year With New Gear!

    Hello 420 Friends! Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and had a Happy New Year! Starting 2018 grow early this year. Got a ton of new gear so was too excited to wait until Spring. What's new: NextLight Mega NextLight Veg8 - on the way :) Vivosun 2' x 4' x 5' tent for veg (on the way...
  2. U

    I think I ruined these girls - Or am I being precious?

    I think I have the upload sorted? Maybe. G'day all. I hope the picture included works. It has been decades since I have grown and this is my first in all that time.. Do these girls look a little weird to you all? You are looking at a Royal Flush in the centre, two White Widow in the...
  3. D

    What's up boys and girls ladies and gentlemen! Need help please!

    My name is Derrick and any information is great information
  4. S

    What's going on with my girls?

  5. R

    how to move these girls outside

    Hi all just after some advice on how to move these girls outside , they are under 250 watt cfl and have been on 18/6 and have just changed to 17/7 its the first day of spring here tomorrow and we have about 11.5 hrs of daylight increasing gradually would like to try and get them outside by the...
  6. F

    How do my girls look? First time grower

    On day 30 flower that's from the flip
  7. M

    My girls need help

    Hello I am a nub grower and im experiencing a lot of problems with my girls once i flip them into flower. leaves start yellowing and brown yellowish spots starts appearing. on both new and older growth at tops and bottom of plant. they are no longer dark green. im suspecting its a nutrient...
  8. U

    I need help

    I was starting to have a mold issue after all this humidity. So I used milk and water which I never used before. Now the next day my girls are wilting and curling ... dont lnow what to do..can I save my girls?
  9. M

    My girls at 5 weeks Haze Extreme

  10. S

    Changing lighting time

    i need to change my light times to night for temperature reasons , but i got 3 girls 3 weeks into flower can i change it or not ?? thanx for any help
  11. Klaatu

    Uh Oh - Problem

    Well I'm not sure what the problem is with my girls, this started just a couple of days ago and they're getting worse fast, other wise, doing very well. My girlies are 3 - Pure Power Plant from seed. 600W. in a 4'X4'X6' tent 50% humidity, (via an, in tent, cool humidifier.) 75 deg. F. (via...
  12. L

    Leaf issues

    Flipped these girls 10 days ago, transplanted them into 7 g pots. We use coir and grow under 1000 W gavitas. RO water and adjusted pH to 6-6.1. What the actual F is going on with these girls? I upped the nutes (House and Garden Cocos) thinking it was N related but 85% of them look like this now...
  13. N

    Girls are being eaten alive - Help

    My girls have been in my room in soil for 3 weeks now and something is eating the leaves, mostly the lower leafs, i have two girls going and the leaves that are being attacked are random on both plants...I have lots of those yellow sticky papers and have stirred around the soil and nothing, I...
  14. C

    3rd Grow 11lt Hempy Bucket Mainlined

    Questions I have are how tall should mainlined plants be before flip and ow often should I water because on here there are a hell of a lot of different methods.
  15. HiddenGrow

    400W To 1600W Spring Growing

    Boom! So I thought I had my journal posted up, but it seemed I just had it under a sub forum. To summarize: I have three plants right now in 5 gallon fabric pots. The age difference between the biggest and the other two is about a month. I have been working very hard to keep my tent environment...
  16. Sun Valley

    Greeting from South Africa

    Hey all ... newly registered but been reading the forum for ages. Will try keep up with posts, for now here's a few of the girls busy this summer out in South Africa .. All my own crosses of Cheese Dawg X Kushberry, Cheese Dawg X Master Kush, Cheese Dawg X Kushberry X Cataract Kush, NYC Diesel...
  17. B

    Finishing first clones

    I am a second year grower and I am still learning soooo much about this wonderful plant, I am in a 4x4 tent with a 600w hps 21k and 4-42w CFL's to assist, the ballast is set to 3/4 power, one plant too close to the light. I tried the 1gal pot's for some of my girls as well as 3gal pots to see...
  18. E

    Yellow & Pale Green New Leaves - Slight Curling Of Leaves Upwards

    Hello all, First post:thumb: Firstly I'd just like to say thank you for all the knowledge I've acquired on this site, there's also some fantastic growers.:bravo: To my first grow and the (potential) issues that I'm facing: 1. New leaves appear to be yellow/pale green. I have read...
  19. F

    Old fart first time grower - Outdoor grow - Yay Prop 64!

    Hi, y'all, I'm in information-gathering mode. I'm in the Bay Area, home of a LOT of growers, some of you are here and anyone who will allow me to pick your brains is a kind and wonderful person. I've got a fair amount of info from out of here, already. I've learned about the milk and water...
  20. S

    Need Some Help For My Autos - West Coast OG - Six Shooter - GSC - Jack Herrer

    Hi guys, here is my little indoor garden I'm using 400w led full spectrum and 400w hps together. Humıdıty about %45-55. And my fertilizers are bio bud and biothrive bloom from general organics. In week 7, I have a problem with my girls. My girls have a brown spots on young leaves and og little...
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