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Uh Oh - Problem


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Well I'm not sure what the problem is with my girls, this started just a couple of days ago and they're getting worse fast, other wise, doing very well.

My girlies are 3 - Pure Power Plant from seed.
600W. in a 4'X4'X6' tent
50% humidity, (via an, in tent, cool humidifier.) 75 deg. F. (via piped in air conditioning from separate source.)
FFOF soil in 3 separate 5 gallon buckets
GH Flora Trio nutes at 3 week strength - 1/2 strength mix. Cal/Mag, Hydroguard, 2-3 drops per gal. Superthrive. Alternate between nutes then water (using R.O water.)
Girls are 6 weeks old. Under the 600W. light, 17" above tops of girls.
It is possible that it might be:
*PH fluxuations
*Leaf Septoria/Yellow leaf spots.
*Boron def.

If I'm missing any pertinent info please let me know!
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