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Old stoner new to this...some background and questions


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Ok, where to start.

Set up 4 pot wilma
400w HPS
5 inch carbon filter outtake and 4 inch intake
1.4m x 1.1m closet (8 feet high)

My mate done a grow, it was a wilma tent grow with a old hand at growing giving him advise, the grow went really well so I decided with his knowledge I could do it as well.

I bought a wilma 4 pot system and a few seeds (big bang), germination went well and got to the stage of moving them to the wilma and I got lazy, I left them on the floor, my dog got to my few week old seedlings...no matter I just got a few more seeds and went for it again.

This time I bought 2 big bang and 2 white widow autos (I now know better but I did this) I got them in to the hydro system and for a week, then cheaping out paid its due and my pump failed on me and killed 2 of them. I got to it fast but my problems lay with the advise I was getting for heat, my 600w HPS was running the temps up to 48c daily so even getting to it fast was just luck I ended up with 2 alive, I asked my mate on countless occasions if my temps were bad but my mate was telling me it was fine and the upcurled leaves were something I was doing wrong with my nutes. (i found out his temps are reading 44c but his temp sensor is at the top of his tent giving him high readings)

I had started reading 420 and a few other forums by this time and in my heart of hearts knew it was heat killing plants but telling my mate this was pointless (1 grow under his belt and he was a fooking expert).

I decided to take my own route and just stopped asking him questions, I was able to swap my 600w for a 400w thinking this would solve the problem but it was still bad (39c).

With the swap of my brand new 600w HPS i was given 4 soil potted plants and an old 400w HPS, now giving me 4 soil plants and 2 hydro. I stopped using the HPS and put them all under a CFL until I got a cooler hood.

I got the cooler hood today but wont be able to fit it until Sunday my questions are:

Can I use hydro feed for soil?

What temps is it really safe up to?

Am I ok to grow soil and hydro in the same space?


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44c wow.. That would make the plants boil alive in their pots for sure.

I was running into some problems this summer when my plants hit 33 degrees. One died, another took some damage and ended up yielding a lot less than I had hoped for. You should try to stay between 23-27 degrees. That range is good for the plants. Get some airconditioning if you cannot get the heat down any other way.
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