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hello, some of you may know me, for those of you who dont my name is siyah. i am a patient caregiver and activist out of san diego, whos main focus is currently aimed at the San Diego City Council in order to collaborate a mandatory set of regulations in order to maintain safe access to medical cannabis for designated patients. however i am very opinionated person, and sinus i deal with dispensaries and the people who vend and work for them i deal with some inside information. however when i learn about people in our community doing wrong, i feel apt to voice my opinion. which has lead to weedtracker banning my ip address so as not to upset their oh-so-beloved sponsors.. Prior to the raids and closures in San Diego, i had been working to set up a true non-profit dispensary (w. NP PW) we would offer (40-60) strains that we have collected throughout the years. With such a wide variety of indica and sativa hybrids each differientiate alleving qualities and is the reason we offer such a wide range so patients can find what works best for their symptoms. We would offer flowers as well as cuttings and mothers (to ensure the survival of the genetics, and in hopes to watch them mutate in to far more potents hybrids). The dispensary would also offer equipment and private sessions in order to teach the properties of cannabis and better ways to cultivate for patients. Our main efforts are to ensure the genetics we have collected, while healing patients and educating all possible to grow the highest grade of organic cannabis, thus ending the demand on dispensaries, therefor ending the outrageous prices of medical cannabis.

So with everything halted, we are all working stenously to get san diego back to its previous state, so patients will not fear persecution when obtaining their medication.

roots of compassion

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i'd like to see san diego back in action too...
we're doing everything in our power to spread the word brother...
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