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Ontario MM Clinic Cannabis CG Legit?


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Right now i'm in the process of trying to get my Medical Marijuana license in Ontario Canada but I can't find any reviews for the different clinics.

I'm dealing with Cannabis CG (consulting group) and so far they've been really great to deal with. What is kinda making me iffy is they want me to email money transfer the money to them before I get there. Once I get to their place then I'll fill out the paper work to take to the Doctor, then I get approved. I don't want to send my money to someone not knowing if i'll get approved or not. They told me that they will refund my money if I'm not approved, but that so far 100% of their clients have been approved.

Has anyone ever delt with CannabisCG before or know anyone who has? Are they legit?


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I haven't dealt with CG before, I went with another company in Ottawa called MedicalMarijuanaservices.ca. Same thing as you though, I had to pay in advance before any meeting with a doctor, but MMS came through no problems and I now have my prescription. I wouldn't worry to much, take a chance.
Good luck.


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funny im dealing with the same company they ask if i was planing to grow for myself i said yes i would like to. So the guy on the phone wants to set appointment with a lawyer and stuff i just want the prescription i can do the rest by sending to Canada office forgot the name.
I think these places should be cut short they sound like scams and again the government doesn't do anything but let the richer get richer
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